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First appearance December 13, 2005
Gender female
Species human


Eponine attends Tempest High School. She is 5'3" and weighs 105 pounds.[1]

Eponine was friends with Ash and Emily, and came to the pool party at the end of Ash's junior year.[2]

When Eponine went to Missi's Hallowe'en party, she took Cassiel as her "plus one".[3] She said that this was because her boyfriend was sick, but she was just covering for her fear that he had dumped her.[4] This is the last time she mentioned him as a boyfriend, and thereafter acted as though she was single. He distributed nude pictures of her after the break-up.[5]

Cassiel set up a pyjama party at Eponine's place, and when Logan showed up he and Eponine hit it off. Heather dragged him away before he could spend much time with Eponine.[6]

Pre-Misfile LifeEdit

Ash barely knew Eponine, but she treated him like a close friend. The implication is that as a girl Ash became better friends with Eponine than he did as a boy.[7]


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